Meet The MAID IT Team

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Brendan Chandler

Brenden is the master behind the operations at MAID IT services. He comes from a background in transportation and logistics where he helped scale over 200 locations across North America. As a result, he is the perfect individual to have calling the shots to ensure operations stay on schedule.

Jeff Hughes

Jeff Hughes is the founder of MAID IT. Jeff's experience in over 30+ companies and franchise locations makes him a perfect leader for the team at MAID IT. Jeff is the type of individual who challenges the status quo and is always pushing the limits of what is perceived possible in any given market.

Mary Thompson

No business is successful without a good business administrator. This is where Mary shines, she is a top-class business admin who keeps the lights on and the engine running at MAID IT services. Mary specializes in keeping Brandan and Jeff on time and on the ball...

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